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Healer Series

Book One: The Ancestors 

Eolaí and Declan are recruited to translate the text on an ancient bronze shield. The government hopes they will find instructions to enable them to access a 'void space' phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean. They believe there are weapons inside that can be used to protect Earth from the recently detected aliens who may prove to be hostile. These two young people turn out to be the only ones who are able open the energy barrier, but once inside, they find an advanced society that has been in a cold sleep for more than sixteen centuries.

This book has aliens, advanced technology, and magic, but when the world needs saving, all the power and magic are not only next to useless, they are also a part of the problem.

Book Two: Kiahna

The aliens arrive and Earth is imperilled when some government agents abduct a pubescent hybrid human/alien child. Eolaí learns her magical gifts for healing are to be used to save all life on our planet.

Book Three: Guardians

Eolaí and Declan take Detta and her supporters back to Manni-Reve to restore their guardians and save the Revean species from extinction.

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Tahdu's Bumper Sticker

The coffee shop was crowded with chattering high-school students taking a break from the open house. Declan dodged around chairs and tables, searching the crowd for his lovely co-worker. He was amazed when, despite the hubbub, he heard Eolaí's soft voice calling his name. He turned toward the intoxicating sound and spied a dark-haired siren waving him over to a small table against the window.

She took his breath away. She always took his breath away, but he was getting quite good at recovering quickly so as not to look like a pathetic teen-aged boy panting after a glamorous celebrity. He often wished he could appear like a sophisticated scholar, although he was sure he fell far short of that lofty goal. He had always felt a bit of a geek with most girls and he wasn’t very good at interacting with anyone with whom he was attracted. He didn’t have much experience with girls as he had always been so much younger than his classmates. He started college when he was sixteen years old and now he was nearly finished his Master’s degree.

Eolaí, though, had a knack for making him feel comfortable and interesting. She always looked happy to see him and she seemed genuinely interested in his studies. Her questions were quite astute and he often had to remind himself that she was not nearly as old as she appeared, no matter how much he wished it to be so.

It was so difficult at times, she was so calm and put together. He was a wreck after his time in care, but Eolaí seemed to take everything in stride. Last week, when that jackass, Bobby, was screaming at her, she was obviously annoyed, but she didn’t let him ruffle her at all. He also noticed that despite all the abuse that poured out of Bobby’s foul mouth, the kitchen supervisor never seemed to actually look directly at the quiet and poised woman he was abusing. Declan figured the man was actually just as intimidated by the young woman as he was. The only difference is, Eolaí didn't make any effort to put the nasty supervisor at ease as she did with him.

Today, she looked particularly attractive. Her creamy complexion was clear of makeup and provided the perfect setting for her large sparkling gray eyes. Her thick black hair was smoothed into a tight French braid down the back of her head with the end tucked up underneath. He had never seen her hair hanging loose and he briefly wondered if she ever let her hair down. She was always so neatly put together, even after a long shift in the humid confines of the dish-washing room.

Eolaí was sitting with a tall and pretty Latina who had her thick dark hair cut into a ragged bob. She sported a look of joy and mischief in her dark brown eyes. As he took his seat, Eolaí introduced the two of them to each other. “Declan, this is Mira. Mira, Declan.”

“Hi Declan.” Mira grinned impishly. “Nice to meet you. Eolaí told me not to say anything that would embarrass her so if I wince it’s because I screwed up and she kicked me, ‘kay? By the way, I have never seen eyes that blue before, are you wearing contacts?”

Eolaí closed her eyes and shook her bowed head.

Declan grinned, feeling immediately at ease. “Gee, I guess I’m not the only one that needs to be reminded that I’ve said too much. That is such a relief and no, I’m not wearing lenses. My eyes really are this bizarre colour.”

Mira smiled back. “Not bizarre at all, just such a vivid blue.” She offered a good-natured laugh. “So I hear you like studying old stuff, like Eolaí.”

“Yes,” he agreed and turned to look at Eolaí who was quietly observing. “Speaking of which, will you please tell me what was written on the Tahdu artifact. I’m dying to know.”

Eolaí smiled then reached into her backpack and pulled out a notebook. “Okay,” she said. “I think it will be easier if I show you.”

Declan nodded for her to continue and Eolaí drew part of the first symbol on a blank page from memory. “This pictograph represents a warrior,” she explained, then quickly added several ‘layers’ to the symbol to make it look that a stack of warriors. “As you can see the first pictograph shows a group of warriors all lined up neatly. Based on what I know of Tahdu, he was living and working in what is now modern day Scotland, north of Hadrian’s Wall. So, we can presume that this is a representation for the Romans. They were the only warriors that were so rigid in their formations, at least at that time. I doubt the warriors in Caledonia got into a line for anything and especially not for fighting.”

“Yes, the general consensus is that the first symbol represents the Romans,” he agreed with a nod.

“This circular line here identifies this symbol as the subject of the phrase.” She drew a half circle above the pictograph representing the warriors.

“Oh, wow!” Declan exclaimed. “I never knew what the extra markings meant. They are punctuation marks. That totally makes sense.”

Eolaí smiled again and drew the next symbol. “This means welcome,” she continued and then drew a short line above the new pictograph. “And this arrow like line signifies a superlative. One mark means very and this second mark means most. Therefore, this word means ‘most welcome.”

She quickly drew the next symbol, which was a bit more complicated. “This symbol represents fertility or fertility ritual,” she explained and Declan nodded again. This line here,” she drew a curved line out the bottom of the symbol that almost looked like it was pointing back to the other symbols on the page. “This line means that this symbol is not only a verb, but it is a reflexive verb. So we know that the subject is performing the action and having the action performed upon it. So the subject is performing a fertility ritual and since it is highly doubtful that they were being invited to plant crops and be planted crops, we can suppose that Tahdu was referring to sexual intercourse.”

“Hooo boy,” Declan whistled.

“Eolaí,” Mira joined in. “How can they have sex and have it done to…. Ohhhh,” she suddenly realized the answer to her unfinished question.

“So put it all together,” Eolaí spoke as quietly as was possible in the noisy cafe “And you get Roman soldiers are most welcome to engage in fertility rituals with each other. And, if you add in the subtext, you can get an even nastier message. Women were not allowed to be Roman soldiers, so we know that they are all men. This means that Tahdu is inviting them to engage in homosexual relations with each other. Homosexuality was a capital crime under Roman law at that time,” she continued. “It just so happens we have a couple of phrases in our vernacular that fits this message quite accurately. Without the subtext,” she stage whispered. “It says 'go fuck yourselves,' and with the subtext, it says 'fuck off and die.'”

“This is fantastic. Eolaí, you need to put this translation into a paper and submit it with your application for a scholarship. You’d be a shoe-in for the team,” Declan exclaimed.

“Really? I could get a scholarship by writing swear words. That is too funny.” She giggled then shook her head sadly. “Unfortunately, there weren’t any application forms left."

“That isn’t a problem at all,” Declan explained. “I’ll get one from my advisor. In fact, I’ll see if I can catch him before he leaves today. He’ll be thrilled to know that you can read Tahdu’s language. You’d be an excellent addition to his team. And I’ll be thrilled,” he added with a chuckle. “That you will knock Mitchell Ruckland off his high horse. Can I get the two of you another drink?”

“No, thank you,” Eolaí shook her head. “We have to get back to the bus shortly.”

“Yeah,” Mira shrugged. “Tarish is just looking for an excuse to either leave us behind or give us a month of detentions for being thirty seconds late.”

“Who’s Tarish?” Declan asked.

“Mr. Tarish is the guidance counsellor at our school,” Eolaí explained. “The one that I was trying to avoid earlier.”

“He hates us because we are in the system,” Mira added. “He thinks that we are scum because we are foster kids.”

“I’ve met men like him,” Declan sympathized with a nod. “I had a teacher that figured I must be a junkie and in a gang because I was living in a group home. My mom was a junkie in rehab, but I was only twelve. Well come on then.” He stood up. “I’ll walk you back then I’ll see if I can round up an application for you, Eolaí.”

The girls dropped their cups in the garbage receptacle and the three of them left the coffee shop. As they traipsed across the quad, Declan and Mira compared stories of their time in group-homes. The two girls were relieved to find they were the first to arrive back at the bus.

Declan waved good-bye and then smiled to himself as he hurried toward the Rutherford Building. He'd met with Dr. Kennedy only an hour before, but he hoped to catch him again before he left for the day. The news about Eolaí’s translation was sure to interest the old scholar.